Hinojosa's Auto Repair LLC

Hinojosa's Auto Repair LLC is here for all your vehicle repair needs. We are like an emergency room for you car. We are highly trained automobile profesionals that are here for you. No where else will you the same family like environment.

30 Minute Oil Change

Come to us for you next oil change. We guarantee your in and out in 30 minutes or less.

30 minute diagnostics

Have a check engine light on? We can pin point the source of your problem in less than it takes you to grab a bite to eat. In and out 30 minutes or less!

1 hour brake job

No where else will you get a faster turn around for your next brake job. No hassle no wait!

$50 Pickup and delivery

We will pick up and deliver your vehicle from your place and bring it back to you for less than it takes you to catch a movie with the wife!

Peace of mind

Leaving your vehicle with us will let you walk away with a smile. Our facility is gated and always monitored by someone on site. Never have we lost a single thing and we dont plan on making your repair the first time.

More bang for your buck!

Bottom line is we fix it faster, better and cheaper. We have dealer grade tools and OEM equipment that helps us do it right the first time and every time helping you stay on the road longer.

Locksmith Services

We now have locksmith services. We make key duplicates and also program key fobs. We are your one stop shop for all things cars including keys! Come one by or call us now for more details and take advantage of our great sales every week.

Key Duplicates

It costs pennies on the dollar to make a duplicate versus having your vehicle opened when you for get your keys.

Key fob programming

In house key fob programming. If you want it we got it. Installed and ready to go when you are.

ECM/BCM and Radio Programming

We program every computer in your car, the right way not like the others.

Data Lines Galore!

Only a handful of technicians even know what data lines are. For your benefit all of our technicians know.

Cluster Repair

Avoid the ticket for speeding! Let us get your cluster up and running again. Its WAY CHEAPER than the ticket!

TPMS Reprogramming

Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a nice thing to have, until it breaks. Come in and let us get it running for you!

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